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Letter to Anyone Wanting Better Communities for All

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Better Communities for All

To Anyone Wanting Better Communities for All:


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Do you want a better world? Will you "Lend a Hand" to help make it so?


The "Cry of the World" will not wait; the time to act is now. A Better Community for All (ABC4All) has moved from the position of being "POISED" to bring Global Humanitarian Relief to the world to a position of IMPLEMENTATION. What is such relief all about? You can see specific examples at "ABC4All WorldSolutions:"


All of us can participate and work towards better conditions locally and globally. Not just the ABC4All Team of TEAMs, not just the present ABC4All Mentors from 118 countries: UNIVERSAL PARTICIPATION is possible. While not everyone may choose to do so, we at ABC4All share the information that allows anyone to be in the best position to create a decision whether or not to participate. Should you decide to participate, you can discover just how you will "Lend a Hand."


Consider ABC4All Participation Guidelines for suggested ideas/actions for you to consider, any or all of which, are possible to take so that through your ACTION you will make a difference in this world of ours. Consider how ABC4All supports legitimate nonprofits and NGOs anywhere in the world. Learn about how we are working to create The Beginning of the End of Human Suffering in the World. Take a hard look at the ability we are empowered to bring to the world to END THE DRINKING OF POLLUTED WATER with DOUBLE DONATIONS FOREVER. Which country will be first to claim NO ONE IS DRINKING POLLUTED WATER. Will it be Cote d'Ivoire? Given this inspiring exhibition, it would be a deserving outcome.


If one country can do this record-breaking 3-day event in LA can another country do it? Is there any country that could NOT duplicate what Cote d'Ivoire has done?


ABC4All is privileged as we turn the corner in the present history-making endeavor called "A Better Community for All (ABC4All)," moving from the "poised" position to one of implementation. To this end there are so many people to thank and be grateful for all the dynamic support that it has taken to arrive at this special moment in time.


Recently The Institute of Noetic Sciences referenced Taking IT Global as one of the 10 youth-driven websites offering great hopes for Humanity. Through the ABC4All Global Mentoring TEAM Project, we find ourselves at the heart and pulse of this potential for all mankind and for the future of our planet. While it remains true that support is needed from every corner of the globe to bring the full potential of Global Humanitarian Relief to the world, we will NOT be daunted by the task ahead.


ABC4All exists. You exist. You are here, right now, in this room.


We have been brought together, even if unknowingly by the organizers of this Exhibition Event here at the LA Convention Center in Los Angeles. for possibilities that were not known by the organizers.


Yes we focus on Cote d'Ivoire. Yes we are generating information about the countries participating as well. But more than all that has been made possible by this precedent-setting inspiration by Dr. Zaho of the Cote d'Ivoire - American Chamber of Commerce, is that unheard of capability has been assembled here: Three-Day Exhibition offering a chance to deal with all the issues surrounding the focus.


A country that offers a model for the world of PEACE and SECURITY. We can assist in achieving peace and security for citizens of Cote d'Ivoire and any other country where there is a desire to create A Better Community For All.


Together we WILL make a difference both for untold millions in the world without basic necessities and for those whose basic needs have already been met. Included is everyone alive who is receptive to participate. Your sharing this information with others can be one of the first steps you will take should you, in fact, decide to "Lend a Hand."




Burton Danet, Ph.D. and Robert "Bob" Chew

ABC4All Co-Founders



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