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WILL vs. WAY: The ABC4All Path

July 1, 2012, 9:46 am
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WILL VS. WAY: The ABC4All Path

Example of how an ABC4ll Mentor can create

a self-designation and role within ABC4All.

Where there is a will there is a WAY.

Where there is ABC4All there is NO boss.

Where there are ABC4All Mentors there is learning from one another.

Where there is ANYONE involved with ABC4All there are people working together for a better world.

Where there are people dying unnecessarily in the world, ABC4All's work is therefore not yet done until NEEDLESS DEATH IS EXTINCT and thus there is Mandated Action for What The World Needs Now.

Where there is a self-designation for anyone involved with ABC4All, that person, no matter what the self-designation, from Founder to Co-Founder to all others, there are ABC4All Mentors who, together, will create an ABC4All YOUNGSTERS REVOLUTION so that HUMAN RIGHTS AND DIGNITY WILL BE RESPECTED.

Where there are ABC4All Mentors working together, they will look at the bottom line of what it is that Global Humanitarian Relief (GHR) for anyone alive who is receptive is all about and will determine whether it is in the interest of the world to work towards more COMMON SENSE and to to work together to uphold the PRINCIPLES OF A BETTER COMMUNITY FOR All.

























Example of how exposure to the concepts of A Better Community For All (ABC4All) can lead to the discovery of how anyone can find his/her way into the World of A Better Community For All:


Ronald James Ario was referred to ABC4All by Darrell Holinquest of 1 Start Monday, who only recently had been introduced to ABC4All.


Upon meeting for the first time, Ron shared his vision for WORLD PEACE 2012.


Immediately there was support issued for such a worthwhile cause:ABC4All supports worthwhile causes and nonprofits/NGOs worldwide (more coming).


In the process of this developing relationship, Ron decided to join ABC4All as Mentor/Partner.


During the process of working together, Ron learns of the ready-for-distribution worldwide ability of ABC4All to SAVE LIVES with MATCHED/DOUBLED DONATIONS FOREVER.


He decides to submit a proposal to ABC4All, the result of which he has created, for himself, without any direction from anyone but his own heart, a self-designation of Director of Global Relief Distribution (GRD):


Proposal for Global Relief Distribution (GRD)



Submitted by ABC4All Partner/Mentor, Ronald James Ario

The Global Alliance For World Unity


Founder - Humanitarian

310-844-8999 Direct


Dear Burt,


As per our conversation today this is what I propose:


You have created a distribution network during the last 15 years designed for the betterment of humanity. Although my inspiration intended to offer global distribution of other products by other companies and which will be included, would make the most obvious first choice to market through the ABC4All Global Relief Distribution (GRD).


We know that the network includes myriad contacts as well as 1052 ABC4All Mentors in 118 countries to date. LifeFilta offers products that need to relieve the consumption of polluted water in the world, one of the highest priorities for any humanitarian work.


There are distribution companies that work years to create their clients and network, ABC4All has taken 15 years to create this network, now it is my intention to work with the vision/mission of ABC4All so that it will be possible to put this capability to work for the greatest good.


A suggested named can be “Global Relief Distribution (GRD).”


We turn your many of your numerous contacts throughout the world, including any of the 1,052 mentors in 118 countries into a sales force for the good of the world. GRD would include the empowerment of a global sales force that now must be managed with appropriate leadership. I offer my background/skills to direct GRD, manage all aspects of what will be needed and to provide the necessary leadership.


This sales force will be all independent contractors.


We are not just creating ABC4All Associates and Mentors for worldwide good, we are providing jobs for the same people who are providing this good.


We create a simple website to display products and take orders. We then forward the order to the proper vendor for distribution.


We do not have to worry about shipping or stocking products, each vendor has their own distribution network, we are just brokers representing products and using our global contacts.


The orders go directly to vendor/ for product distribution.


I propose to identify all your global contacts, categorize them by position and influence.


In short order, we put a simplistic website together with the capability to receive and process orders.


We create the DBA, do the ICNN report, and we launch Global Relief Distribution(GRD). This is just the beginning of our international GRD, a company making available products around the world for the good of humanity.


Respectfully submitted,



Ronald James Ario

The Global Alliance For World Unity


Founder - Humanitarian

310-844-8999 Direct


Encl: Resume




826 Camino Real #206

Redondo Beach Ca. 90277 310-844-8999






Multi-talented Business Professional with a combined 30 years Sales/Management and Marketing,Ownership and Leadership experience. Exceptional employee training, development and leadership skills. Talented at developing business opportunities and conceptualizing marketing strategies to maximize growth and profitability.





Background exemplifies a successful tack record of career accomplishments, which encompass positions such as CEO, President,Regional Director, National Sales Manager, Director of Operations, Director of Marketing and Vice President of Sales and Marketing.

Ability to conceptualize, develop and implement comprehensive regional and nationwide marketing campaigns.

Effective team building skills. A proactive leader, motivator and team player with a style that exhibits maturity, leadership, high energy and the ability to relate to a wide variety of people.






Launched “WORLD PEACE 2012” Movement

Intention: Blanket The World with WORLD PEACE 2012 posters

On 11-11-12, shifting the collective consciousness of humanity.


ENGEL & VOELKERS Beverly Hills 8/2010 – 9/2011

Broker Owner of Engel & Voelkers International real estate firm


INTERO REAL ESTATE SERVICES Woodland Hills, CA 11/2006 – 2/2010

Owner/CEO/Master Franchisor- Los Angeles County Region

Purchased the right to franchise 35 Intero Real Estate Franchises in Los Angeles County.

Owner of the First Los Angeles Intero office - opened in November 2006 in Woodland Hills.


Keller Williams Realty Woodland Hills, CA 1/2002 – 3/2006

Regional Director - Central/Southern California Region


Launched the Central/Southern Ca. Region from it’s inception in 2002.

Grew region to 14 offices and over 1400 agents in 4 years.

Recruited Franchise candidates, aided owners in developing their operations and provided ongoing leadership to the region as well as education, training, operations and systems.

Honored as one of the top Regional Directors nationwide by producing over 1 milliondollars in profit share in 2005





RON ARIO – Page 2



PCV/Murcor – Nationwide Real Estate Services Pomona, CA 8/98 – 2/2001

Vice President Sales & Marketing


Director of Operations for the team that was responsible for acquiring a multi-million dollar REO contract with the Department of Housing and Urban Development.

Overseen comprehensive National BPO Distribution Network.

Designed marketing collateral and promotional materials for use with national marketing campaign.

Created and promoted on-line business strategies, which enhanced client and vendor relations. This resulted in streamlined operations, which increased productivity to a 25% quicker turnaround to client.

Stimulated significant employee involvement and improved employee morale, by creating incentive and participation programs.



Coldwell Banker Real Estate Beverly Hills, CA 4/90 – 8/98

Real Estate Sales


Represented Buyers and Sellers in the purchasing and selling of real estate.

Extensive REO Team selling Hundreds of REO’s during this cycle.

Top 1% Nationally.



Coldwell Banker Real Estate Fremont, CA 2/83 – 1/90

Real Estate Sales


Top 1% Nationally (The highest level of acknowledgment in company)

“Rookie of the Year” in 1983 after selling 19 homes in my first 6 months.


Other Accomplishments



MISL – Major Indoor Soccer League – San Francisco Fog - Goal Keeper 1980-1982

ASL - American Soccer League - Golden Gate Gales - Goal Keeper 1980

CBL – Semi- Pro California Baseball League – Pitcher 1978 - 1979

Sho Shou – Chinese Style Martial Art – Black Belt

Real Estate Brokers License






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