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Charity Factors

CharityFactors.com – One-stop platform for online fundraising.




Social enterprise Global Synergy Group LLC has developed an online fundraising platform www.charityfactors.com. The goal of the web platform is to help NGOs, charities and  people from social risk groups to raise funding online.

 The Platform ensures following services for charities:

  • Sell products at online marketplace;
  • Publish unlimited number of causes, projects and accept direct donations in 100% amount from donors to their Paypal account;
  • Post a structured information about organization (mission, employees, contacts, projects,etc); 
  • Post news, information about events, for volunteers.

Online marketplace connects people in need who create handmade products, and buyers. All products are made by people from social risk groups, namely, retired people, people with disabilities, unemployed people, mothers, artisans from rural areas, homeless,prisoners, minorities,students and other groups. The aim is to encourage their mental, emotional and economic growth, as well as successful integration into society.

 The goal of the online marketplace is to:


  • create new jobs through social entrepreneurship concept;
  • help artisans to get access to new markets;
  • meet customer’s demand for unique and high quality handmade products;
  • attract funding for causes listed on www.charityfactors.com platform;
  • provide support services, such as business advice and small loans in the future.



The Global Synergy Group LLC is based in Latvia, and has launched Charity Factors websites in 7 other countries: Nepal, India, Ghana, Pakistan, Russia, Philippines, South Africa. The goal is to spread its work even further, therefore, we are looking for new partners – NGO’s, charities, social entrepreneurs – in other countries. We are ready to provide charities in partner countries with the similar concept website, customized to the local needs (language, payment systems, etc). At the same time, the information comprising all country websites is aggregated into the global website -www.charityfactors.com.

The business model (commission for each completed transaction, advertising spots, trading, shipping related services, etc) is included into the operation of the platform to ensure financial sustainability of our partners. More information is available upon request.


Mareks Bajars

Global Synergy Group LLC, CEO

Ph: +371 2911 8334

E-mail: mareks.bajars@charityfactors.com

Skype: mareks_bajars